Saturday, September 23, 2006

I still miss her.

When there is a constant presence in your life for sixteen years, it is very hard to not forget about it.

Precious Gems 1/10/90-8/22/06

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Oh that dayum school work!

I am such the procrastinator. Right now, I am totally doing procrastination at its most finest level. I have a simple two page paper to do. It's due on Monday at 6:30 pm. Which is still plenty of time, right? I have had about two weeks to complete this bad boy. It's for my Music History class which I actually do love (being the violin and cello player that I am) but I just During the week, American Idol and America's Next Top Model was my excuse. Friday, went out. Saturday - went shopping. I came home today and was like, "Ok, time to get cracking." That was 7pm. It's 11pm. The page is still blank. And I am blogging. And I am watching "Cheaters" while sipping some Chablis. Bad money.

Ok, maybe if I set a goal of half a page by 12:15...I should be good. By then, "Cheaters" will be off!

Ah, mini-goals! That should help!

Who am I kidding...I am going to work on this tomorrow. The Chablis is kicking in!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Where is my eight inches? (Part Two)

I come outside this morning to leave for work and the faucet for the hose is leaking. What the leak left behind is too funny not to share!

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I am a pretty busy person. Well no, I try to keep myself busy. I am always looking for stuff to do or get into. School starts tomorrow. Gym membership is starting on Thursday. Got other activities here and there to do for the community. And then..BAM! I meet someone. Not going to try to get to mushy (because I hate the mushy type) but he is such a good dude. I cannot stop talking about him to my girls. He took the #1 spot on my page and that was strictly for Gems. He cracks me up. He knows the words to "Praise is What I Do." He loves football (not the Eagles but that is ok!). He IMs me throughout the course of the day and texts me until I fall asleep. I can finally say something that I rarely say, "I really like this guy and want him to be my man..." And I actually mean it.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas circa 1979
Sitting with Santa @ 3 years old...My expression looks like, "Man, this guy's breath stinks!"


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Friday, December 09, 2005

Where is my eight inches?
I just knew when I woke up this morning there was going to be so much snow that there was no way I was going to work. School's were closed. The news was like, "Oh this is a bad one! There are ten accidents and it is only 6:30am!" So bad, they pre-empted Matt and Katie! This is really bad! I even cancelled Gems' vet appointment and decided to not to visit the Dominicans so I can get my hair done. Why get my hair done when the weather is sooooo bad. But I am thinking, "Girl, you are a Viking! Go to work!" So I am all laced up. Gloves, hat, scarf, timbos...the whole bit. I was going to work!

Why did my area only get like 1 inch of snow. And it was already melting. You can see the grass. The roads were totally clear. I even got to work EARLY. That is crazy!

So while I am working, someone has brought one of their "Bebe" kids in the office. Sigh. I love kids, do not get me wrong, but while I am on a conference call, I do not want to hear lil' Bebe screaming for his momma. So annoying. What happened to having a talk with lil' Bebe before you walk in the office and telling the kid to not act up. Oh, I forgot, because usually the Mom thinks it is cute. Ugh.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Birthday Weekend #4

The unidentified drink below made this 29 year-old still think she could get down like she could when she was 21 years old. The night is mainly a blur, but thanks to her best friend, Cutty, she got home safely and had a great birthday. However, she will take a break from anything that is in a shot glass....

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Aw man...

I need to stop falling asleep watching NFL network. I thought I heard that the arbitrator told the Eagles had to take my man back because we NEED to win a game.

But, I was dreaming. T.O. cannot play football until the season is a WRAP! Dayum. And he loses $10 million. Double dayum. And I need a bangin' WR for fantasy football. Dayum, dayum, dayum.

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Birthday Weekend #3

OMG, been mad busy but "this-girl-celebrating-her-birthday-every-weekend" is so crazy but as usual...FUN! Sad to say though, I have no major plans for my birthday that is actually on a Friday. Many offers, but no plans in place. I do have this huge presentation to do for my bio psych class and I am actually thinking about working on it all weekend. How boring is that when you are turning to the last year of your 20's. I hate being an adult sometimes.

My one major plan is to see "Rent" this weekend because I loved the play and I was one of those people who slept out in 28 degree of COLDNESS on 42nd street in NYC on a November night. Why? Because my actress friend told me at the last minute it was the only way to get $20 seats and I was a poor college student. Oh to be 20 years old again! But it was worth it. I just hope my $10 is worth seeing it this weekend on the silver screen this weekend. Maybe actress friend (we plan to see it together) will buy my ticket because she owes me from that COLD November night. :-)

Went out with mi prima Saturday and as always, we had a good time. As we always say, "Always an adventure!" After many "sippies" at home and at the club, I...

-Ran into my very first boyfriend (not the major ex who called last weekend) at the club. Dang, he is still foine many after years ago!

-Saw a co-worker...hope I did not say something crazy.

-Thought that wearing my cute boots would have me looking sharp AND dance well. Nope. Sat on a speaker because my pinkie toes were killing me!

-Saw a cab driver who was playing that Fiddy cent song, "B*tch get in my car" song. The funny thing was I was standing on the corner waiting for Cuz to drive around corner because I just got us (ok, me!) something to eat to soak up the liquor. Why that fool motion ME to the cab! Ilk.

All in was a good night.

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