Friday, December 09, 2005

Where is my eight inches?
I just knew when I woke up this morning there was going to be so much snow that there was no way I was going to work. School's were closed. The news was like, "Oh this is a bad one! There are ten accidents and it is only 6:30am!" So bad, they pre-empted Matt and Katie! This is really bad! I even cancelled Gems' vet appointment and decided to not to visit the Dominicans so I can get my hair done. Why get my hair done when the weather is sooooo bad. But I am thinking, "Girl, you are a Viking! Go to work!" So I am all laced up. Gloves, hat, scarf, timbos...the whole bit. I was going to work!

Why did my area only get like 1 inch of snow. And it was already melting. You can see the grass. The roads were totally clear. I even got to work EARLY. That is crazy!

So while I am working, someone has brought one of their "Bebe" kids in the office. Sigh. I love kids, do not get me wrong, but while I am on a conference call, I do not want to hear lil' Bebe screaming for his momma. So annoying. What happened to having a talk with lil' Bebe before you walk in the office and telling the kid to not act up. Oh, I forgot, because usually the Mom thinks it is cute. Ugh.

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Blogger STYLE+GRACE said...

i know the feeling with the snow. seems like the snow started when it was time for me to leave my house. i get the car all cleaned off go back inside to get my wallet and i have to almost clean the car off all over again. strange thing is by lunch time it was clear roads and no snow people shootin the breeze.

styles love the kids but dont get me started on the bebe and her kids in the office...and y does bebe think that b.c. its friday its appropriate? friday is still a work day people.

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