Thursday, November 24, 2005

Birthday Weekend #3

OMG, been mad busy but "this-girl-celebrating-her-birthday-every-weekend" is so crazy but as usual...FUN! Sad to say though, I have no major plans for my birthday that is actually on a Friday. Many offers, but no plans in place. I do have this huge presentation to do for my bio psych class and I am actually thinking about working on it all weekend. How boring is that when you are turning to the last year of your 20's. I hate being an adult sometimes.

My one major plan is to see "Rent" this weekend because I loved the play and I was one of those people who slept out in 28 degree of COLDNESS on 42nd street in NYC on a November night. Why? Because my actress friend told me at the last minute it was the only way to get $20 seats and I was a poor college student. Oh to be 20 years old again! But it was worth it. I just hope my $10 is worth seeing it this weekend on the silver screen this weekend. Maybe actress friend (we plan to see it together) will buy my ticket because she owes me from that COLD November night. :-)

Went out with mi prima Saturday and as always, we had a good time. As we always say, "Always an adventure!" After many "sippies" at home and at the club, I...

-Ran into my very first boyfriend (not the major ex who called last weekend) at the club. Dang, he is still foine many after years ago!

-Saw a co-worker...hope I did not say something crazy.

-Thought that wearing my cute boots would have me looking sharp AND dance well. Nope. Sat on a speaker because my pinkie toes were killing me!

-Saw a cab driver who was playing that Fiddy cent song, "B*tch get in my car" song. The funny thing was I was standing on the corner waiting for Cuz to drive around corner because I just got us (ok, me!) something to eat to soak up the liquor. Why that fool motion ME to the cab! Ilk.

All in was a good night.

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