Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Birthday weekend #2

Current mood - So sleepy!

So far, November '05 birthday month is going smoothly. It is a little crazy with school. I have two presentations I need to get cracking on ASAP but I do my best work when I am under pressure so I am not too worried. I have been able to "treat" myself to little luxuries which is muy simpatico. I found a new Dominican hair salon that I absolutely *heart* so I can use a little spanish and pass my Spanish class. Another new discovery is this little hair salon in Chester that does false eyelashes that last TWO weeks. So I played hooky on Friday and with my partner-in-crime, Cutty, we got some long, luxirious lashes. Now I am not usually down with fake things such as fake hair, fake nails, fake people, etc...but fake eyelashes, ooowee. And of course, I told her to give me the longest ones she had available. The only thing with that is it is nice to have REALLY LONG lashes for like a party (which was happening later on that night) or something like that but when you go back to your job or whatever you do on the regular, you feel a little weird having CeCe Peniston eyelashes (circa '92-'93) when someone asks you about them. I know to get medium length next time.

We had a nice party for Cutty-in-law Friday night. The DJs were so good. So good, that I had drinks with one of them on Saturday. He even let me beat him in pool twice. Always nice to make a new friend...

The craziest thing that happened this weekend (besides getting fake eyelahes and going on a date) was I talked to someone that I really loved from my past. Just out of nowhere. I was so nervous but it was all good. I was thinking "History" needed a kidney or something, but all was well. I really hope that we stay in contact and be friends. Funny thing, this person still knows me so well, like we never missed a beat after years of not speaking to each other. Sigh...

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