Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas circa 1979
Sitting with Santa @ 3 years old...My expression looks like, "Man, this guy's breath stinks!"


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Friday, December 09, 2005

Where is my eight inches?
I just knew when I woke up this morning there was going to be so much snow that there was no way I was going to work. School's were closed. The news was like, "Oh this is a bad one! There are ten accidents and it is only 6:30am!" So bad, they pre-empted Matt and Katie! This is really bad! I even cancelled Gems' vet appointment and decided to not to visit the Dominicans so I can get my hair done. Why get my hair done when the weather is sooooo bad. But I am thinking, "Girl, you are a Viking! Go to work!" So I am all laced up. Gloves, hat, scarf, timbos...the whole bit. I was going to work!

Why did my area only get like 1 inch of snow. And it was already melting. You can see the grass. The roads were totally clear. I even got to work EARLY. That is crazy!

So while I am working, someone has brought one of their "Bebe" kids in the office. Sigh. I love kids, do not get me wrong, but while I am on a conference call, I do not want to hear lil' Bebe screaming for his momma. So annoying. What happened to having a talk with lil' Bebe before you walk in the office and telling the kid to not act up. Oh, I forgot, because usually the Mom thinks it is cute. Ugh.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Birthday Weekend #4

The unidentified drink below made this 29 year-old still think she could get down like she could when she was 21 years old. The night is mainly a blur, but thanks to her best friend, Cutty, she got home safely and had a great birthday. However, she will take a break from anything that is in a shot glass....