Thursday, November 24, 2005

Aw man...

I need to stop falling asleep watching NFL network. I thought I heard that the arbitrator told the Eagles had to take my man back because we NEED to win a game.

But, I was dreaming. T.O. cannot play football until the season is a WRAP! Dayum. And he loses $10 million. Double dayum. And I need a bangin' WR for fantasy football. Dayum, dayum, dayum.

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Birthday Weekend #3

OMG, been mad busy but "this-girl-celebrating-her-birthday-every-weekend" is so crazy but as usual...FUN! Sad to say though, I have no major plans for my birthday that is actually on a Friday. Many offers, but no plans in place. I do have this huge presentation to do for my bio psych class and I am actually thinking about working on it all weekend. How boring is that when you are turning to the last year of your 20's. I hate being an adult sometimes.

My one major plan is to see "Rent" this weekend because I loved the play and I was one of those people who slept out in 28 degree of COLDNESS on 42nd street in NYC on a November night. Why? Because my actress friend told me at the last minute it was the only way to get $20 seats and I was a poor college student. Oh to be 20 years old again! But it was worth it. I just hope my $10 is worth seeing it this weekend on the silver screen this weekend. Maybe actress friend (we plan to see it together) will buy my ticket because she owes me from that COLD November night. :-)

Went out with mi prima Saturday and as always, we had a good time. As we always say, "Always an adventure!" After many "sippies" at home and at the club, I...

-Ran into my very first boyfriend (not the major ex who called last weekend) at the club. Dang, he is still foine many after years ago!

-Saw a co-worker...hope I did not say something crazy.

-Thought that wearing my cute boots would have me looking sharp AND dance well. Nope. Sat on a speaker because my pinkie toes were killing me!

-Saw a cab driver who was playing that Fiddy cent song, "B*tch get in my car" song. The funny thing was I was standing on the corner waiting for Cuz to drive around corner because I just got us (ok, me!) something to eat to soak up the liquor. Why that fool motion ME to the cab! Ilk.

All in was a good night.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Birthday weekend #2

Current mood - So sleepy!

So far, November '05 birthday month is going smoothly. It is a little crazy with school. I have two presentations I need to get cracking on ASAP but I do my best work when I am under pressure so I am not too worried. I have been able to "treat" myself to little luxuries which is muy simpatico. I found a new Dominican hair salon that I absolutely *heart* so I can use a little spanish and pass my Spanish class. Another new discovery is this little hair salon in Chester that does false eyelashes that last TWO weeks. So I played hooky on Friday and with my partner-in-crime, Cutty, we got some long, luxirious lashes. Now I am not usually down with fake things such as fake hair, fake nails, fake people, etc...but fake eyelashes, ooowee. And of course, I told her to give me the longest ones she had available. The only thing with that is it is nice to have REALLY LONG lashes for like a party (which was happening later on that night) or something like that but when you go back to your job or whatever you do on the regular, you feel a little weird having CeCe Peniston eyelashes (circa '92-'93) when someone asks you about them. I know to get medium length next time.

We had a nice party for Cutty-in-law Friday night. The DJs were so good. So good, that I had drinks with one of them on Saturday. He even let me beat him in pool twice. Always nice to make a new friend...

The craziest thing that happened this weekend (besides getting fake eyelahes and going on a date) was I talked to someone that I really loved from my past. Just out of nowhere. I was so nervous but it was all good. I was thinking "History" needed a kidney or something, but all was well. I really hope that we stay in contact and be friends. Funny thing, this person still knows me so well, like we never missed a beat after years of not speaking to each other. Sigh...

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Birthday Weekend #1

Since my birthday is this month, every weekend this November will be a party. This first weekend I went with friends to Atlantic City. Where can you get two mojitos and a bottle of water for $40? Yes, you read it correctly...FORTY DOLLARS! Go to the 40/40 Club in A.C. The place is very nice. Plasma TV's playing sports with songs playing during the commercial break...nice seating...lovely VIP rooms. But dang, $40! Good looking men are all over the place. There is even a nice spot in there called the "cigar room" where you can smoke and you did not smell anything. I was in there for the most part. :-) But forty bills? Oh, eight dollars for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes, $8. You are a straight balla if you are getting PB&J for eight ones. *sarcasm* But plans are already in motion to go there again with the girls to see a game or two. Maybe I am just salty about it because I did not win any money when I did hit the casino. A couple of cherries here and a double diamond there, I made it home with a few dollars.
<-why was I wearing sunglasses in a dark casino at 2 am? I must have been really getting it in and it is only birthday weekend #1! More to come later...

Thursday, November 03, 2005


In the next few hours, I am going to be finding out if my girl has breast cancer. It would also mean I will have to make a couple decisions. Things that I am SO not trying to think about! I know I gave her the most fabulous fifteen years a dog could ever have. But I never wanted it to come to this. So on Friday night, I hope to be popping bottles for a clean bill of health or pouring a little bit out for my girl that might not be here too much longer. Posted by Picasa

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I go to the post office a lot because I have a little side hustle business. It's the Bush era, a sista needs to make that extra dough. I go to the Post Office so much, quite a few of the workers say, "Hey girl, media mail, right?" Cool. Good customer service. Love my postal workers. But anyway, when I am in line, I am texting or playing some game on the phone. It's a long line, so I need something to do. One morning I went there and there was a couple in front of me. Well, I think they were THIS close to just laying on the ground and getting their freak on. I'm no prude, but no one wants to see all that. Well not me. At the post office! Ugh!

So tonight I go down there to get my stuff shipped because I won't have time to do it in the AM. Already in a pissy mood because there was bad traffic (Thanks to SEPTA for being on strike) and no place to park. Finally get in line, texting away to "GM" about fantasy basketball (which is so confusing and I need to stick with fantasy football) and all of a sudden I hear, "gurgle, gurgle, moannnn, gurgle, moannnn." I look up and this couple was going at it. Dudey is grabbing the girl's behind and she is all giggling. Ew. For real, I am not a prude, but there is a time and place for all that. In a dark club. At the park. Movie theater. All kinds of places. But not AT the post office.

Or maybe I am becoming a prude...