Sunday, August 28, 2005

From August 28th...

rainy sunday bloggy (VMA edition) Current mood: bouncy

Well it is here!!!! The MTV VMA's and I am soooooooo there! I am camping out in front of the tv for the Pre-Show, The Show and the best part...The Post-Show. I hope my girl Mi-Mi gets something tonight. "It's Like That" has been my favorite song of '05. That is like my theme! "...these chickens are ash and I am lotion..." Sing that chit girl!

Ok, is it only me but I am totally not seeing the big deal about Kayne West. Sorry! I watch his interview with Sway and I am like, "...something ain't all there..." Just my opinion.

I bet he will win all the awards he was nominated and I am going to throw my fat-free pretzels at the screen. BOOOOO!

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*Update* I take back what I said about Kayne!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

From August 21st...

ouch ouch...(sunday afternoon bloggy) Current mood: sore

Ah, the flea market. Yesterday I was at a flew market, which happens to be one of my favorite pastimes. Little did I know that being outside from 9-4 with a slight overcast would cause me to be burnt to a crispy pink treat. To my fellow brothas and sistas, please remember to use sunscreen. We need it. *ouch ouch*

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Friday, August 19, 2005

From August 18th...

Thursday night bloggy Current mood: hot

So far this week has been less than eventful. I would think since I do not have any homework I would be party my booty off...but I have not done anything but watch TV about the T.O. saga. Glad my baby is back to take us to the Super Bowl. Just wish he would stop acting like a fool. But I did love the ab workout for the cameras!

I do have a slight rant. The price of gas is KILLING my Coach wristlet! And twice this week the gas station attendent tried to holla at 'cha girl. You would think they would give a hook up if they are trying to get a phone number! Not that they would get the right phone number. LOL! And why did $10 only get me SLIGHTLY above a quarter tank??? Grrr!!!!!

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*Update* Gas is still too dayum high.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

From August 14th...

sunday afternoon bloggy Current mood: relieved

I am finally free from thinking about standard deviations, ANOVA and t-scores. I took my statistics final and I PRAY to GOD that I passed that final. It started at nine and I did not get in my car until 1:04 on the dot. There was still a lot of people still taking that exam! But the teacher was cool. He broke them numbers down. But let me tell y'all, my brain was hurting like a MUTHA when I left. But I was still able to make it to the L.S. and Chick-Fil-A for some celebratory items. LOL!

- Anyway, I did not know how popular was out there. I was watching some informercial last night, Club TV or some of the like. And they had this club singer on there. I forget her name because I had just woke up from a mudslide and coconut rum sleep but she was all like, "check me out on! I have like 35,000 friends!" Say what?! I only discovered this thing last Wednesday! And she really could not sing!

- Dayum, it is really hot! I really wanted to go walking today but eff that! Dropping my packages off at the post office is enough walking today.

- The Pod is really kickin' it today. I have it on shuffle songs and it just did a Rick James double play, a Teena Marie triple play and then played Fire and Desire. I love this little guy!

Ok, this is getting really long and Reet says she is about to come over to show me her new hairstyle that she does not like. I know it cannot be that bad. Our hairdresser is on vacation so I knew I wasn't going. There is only a few people that are touching my hair! But if it bad, I am going to fix it because I should be a hairdresser. Sigh...
Peace out y'all!

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*Update* My statistics grade was a B+! It's October and I am still in shock! I am just glad that class is over!

Friday, August 12, 2005

From August 12th...

afternoon bloggy Current mood: cold
Lunch was cool. We had some delicious waffle fries (not even going to calculate the points for those bad boys) and some nasty azz popcorn shrimp. Ooooowee, we did see a cute boy. Ok, I am going to fill out some more things so y'all can get to know "my space" but my azz needs to be studying for this statistics final. Ugh. Ok, I will be an adult and holla at y'all lata. One.
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Noon time blog Current mood: annoyed
Ok, I have to hurry because Cindy is ready to look at cute boys in the cafe. But I wanted to say, "Hola, bienvenido a mi blog." I will write more later.
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