Saturday, October 15, 2005

Oh my aching toes...

Current Mood: regular

Last night Cutty and I crashed my cousin's (Reet) office party. Well, not really crashed like we were not invited or anything like that. And it was at a club. And there was a billion other office parties there. So we were straight. Lately, I have not been out on the "town" because I usually have my head in the books. Come to think of it...I did not go out "clubbin'" all summer! Well, I haven't missed much. The place was PACKED. It was a three story place with a dance floor the size of my kitchen. My kitchen is big but too small for a dance floor. And it was so HOT in there! Luckily, there was a third floor deck to get some air. Sadly, I was the driver this night so I do not have any good stories of what kind of silly things I said or did, even though I do that sober! I did dance A LOT and my toes still hurt. Why must I always wear heels to a club? Duh. And for some reason there is always that persistent "lil' dude" that will keep saying, "C'mon ma, dance wit me." I am like, "Naw. Still sippin' my drink." The fact is that I am like six feet in heels and I am not going to dance with a dude that is 5'5" in timbos. Dirty timbos at that. Can't do it. So luckily, the tall brothas was out this night.

All in all, it was an ok night...I just hate being the driver. But I tell you this, November is coming and that is my birthday month. It will be crazy! It will be the last of my twenties and I need to celebrate. Speaking of birthdays...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS-KRIS! If I hit Powerball tonight...U2 is on me. But you will go alone. *smile*

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dropping everything...

Current Mood - Excited

This was a very less than eventful weekend. For one thing, it has been raining something fierce! Avoided a head-on collision yesterday because some fool rode through a puddle and THEN wanted to brake in the middle of the puddle. Even though I drive like a granny, I was moving pretty quick and had to move to the right and go deeper in the puddle to avoid an accident that would have been my fault. So after cheating the accident and getting my heart back to a normal pace, I race up to the light to give dudey a dirty look. When I get up to the light, "Puddle Man" rolls down his window and says, "How you doin' Red?" And then licks his crusty lips! ILK! I just rolled my eyes and took off.

Saturday is my usual shopping day. I usually get up at the crack of down to beat the crowd. Especially at my local Walmart. Didn't happen this time. I get there around noonish and it was CRAZY. There was carts all over the parking lot and I did not want a wet one because of the rain. I would get a clean, dry cart inside. Well turns out, ALL the carts were outside because there was not a single in the store. UGH! So I am walking around Wally World holding everything I am buying. Trying to juggle so nothing falls. Ever try to hold 10 cans of tuna, Clorox clean-up, Tide, a couple of magazines, cereal and vitamins in a sea of people that don't move when you are walking down the aisle? Not fun. So after waiting hours in the 20 items or less aisle, I see the one last item I want. Orbit Bubblemint gum. My favorite. I am reaching for it...18 other items in my hands so I am still able to be in this line...still reaching...and then...OOPS! Like five cans of tuna hit my pinky toe. They rolled all over the place. SIGH! I didn't even bother chasing them because I did not want to lose the rest of my stuff and you know no one else would chase them because that is just wayyyyy to much like right. At least I was still under 20 items. The couple behind me had like a cart full of stuff and the cashier was telling them they had to go to another aisle. The couple started acting up and I am thinking to myself, "If one of y'all helped me with my tuna cans, she most likely would have taken y'all because of karma." Hmph.

My shopping was not done. I went to the market and had my god-baby with me. Luckily, there was a ton of carts so I was straight. But soon as I get to the counter, I drop this huge fruit punch bottle on my same pinky toe. There is red juice everywhere. My toe is killing me again! And of course you hear "Clean up on aisle three" over the loud speaker. So embarrassed. People know you are the one who did it when there is red juice on your jeans.

So far, I haven't dropped anything else this weekend. I am about to color my hair so let's hope I am on a winning streak. Have you ever tried to clean up hair dye? Good thing I bought thar Colorox clean-up!

What I am listening to right now: "If you should ever be lonely" by Val Young which can be found on the cd called, "Rick James and Friends"

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Welcome to my brand new blog!!!! I have moved my blog because for some strange reason, pictures would not show up on my blog. I went to them for help and Tom must be mad busy because no one got back. Thanks a lot! So I found a new home here. Not to worry, I will also have a handy dandy link of whatever I wrote here over there. I am also going to put the old stuff over here too. And I will be able to add more things to this so be on the lookout. I am so accomodating! Enjoy! BTW...I will still add this:

What I am listening to right now on the pod: "Promise Me" by Luther Vandross. I was trying to add the picture but copyright laws spook me! This song is speaks VOLUMES today!